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Scalable Infrastructure for
NFT Economy

Elevate NFT utility through Composable liquidity protocols and streamline Web3 game development

StreamNFT is live on Hedera Network
StreamNFT is live on Solana Blockchain
StreamNFT is live on Mantle Network, an Ethereum roll-up L2 Blockchain
StreamNFT is live on Telos Blockchain
StreamNFT is live on Polygon Blockchain

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StreamNFT is live on Polygon Blockchain

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P2P Rentals

Provide conditional ownership of NFT based on time or use expiry and build Rentals, Subscriptions, Ticketing, etc. uscecases


P2P Loans

The StreamNFT API enables developers to interact and transact on the platform without going through the StreamNFT dapp


Utility Portal

Empowering NFT creators & brands to create token-based experiences/utility that foster direct & meaningful relationships with their audiences



Lock NFT & store securely in owner's custody, allowing for various NFTFi uses while preventing sale or transfer

StreamNFT brings the best features

Elevate your NFT lending & utility experience with StreamNFT's unparalleled features. Seamlessly showcase your collection, while our advanced security ensures your assets are protected.
A warrior monk explaining superior features makes StreamNFT leader in NFT lending space


Take a loan from NFT and rent out the same NFT to maximize liquidity

Cross-chain value transfer

Bridging StreamNFT contracts to facilitate cross-chain rentals and loans

Private transferability

Whitelist scholars address to enable private sharing and automate fixed price or revenue share rentals

NFT Appraisal value

Shares appraisal value of NFT to derisk while lending

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Unlocking Possibilities: Explore Use Cases

Gaming console in hand representing StreamNFT rentals usecase in Games and Metaverse

GameFi : Empower game economies

Issue non-durable assets that expire after usage or time, enable rentals and loans between players, create in-game economies and robust ecosystems

A virtual real estate representing StreamNFT financialization in virtual assets and real-world assets tokenization

RWA, Collectibles : Liquidity to priced assets

Bring secondary liquidity to valued NFTs, Tokenized assets such as real estate, invoicing, debt positions and experience utility while accessing financial tools

StreamNFT use case of rentals and loans in the metaverse

Token based experiences

Enable unique digital tokens for art ownership, personalized fan interactions, loyalty programs, and revolutionize ownership, engagement and trust. Offer utility post mint or mint a new utility NFT


Display picture of StreamNFT Founder, Yugal Chittara

Yugal ChittaraCEO

2X founder, IIT Alumnus, 8+ years across Product and Strategy

Display picture of StreamNFT Co-Founder, Piyush Chittara

Piyush ChittaraCTO

IIT Alumnus. 5+ years as a Blockchain architect

Display picture of StreamNFT Co-Founder, Shilpa Chittara

Shilpa ChittaraTECH

2X founder, IIT Alumnus, 5+ years as Tech Architect (Full-stack)